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Splat Points + Snack Points

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Greater Goods Convenience Pop-Up Sampling Event at Orangetheory Fitness Clarendon | Tuesday, March 15, 2022

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Stop by Orangetheory Fitness Clarendon on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, to get your Splat Points and your "Snack Points!"*

*There is no such thing as "Snack Points," please don't sue us 😬.

ANYWAY, we love OTF Clarendon, so we're super excited and proud to be holding a sampling event with them! If you've never tried their classes, now's the time! Your first class is free, and if join us Tuesday, you'll also get some free snacks! Win-win!

For those of you who don't know, Greater Goods Convenience was started by two chicks based out of Arlington, VA, and one of us (Sara; hi, it's me, I'm switching to first person singular now) is a founding member of OTF Clarendon, which means I've been a member of the studio since it opened in 2016.

For years before joining, I was not a group fitness person. I thought I was fine working out on my own at a traditional gym and I actually refused to even try group fitness classes. I didn't think I could get as good of a sweat in a class, and frankly, I think I lacked the confidence to attend classes on my own (which in retrospect is so beyond silly). Regardless, I finally tried an OTF class and I was HOOKED. One class is all it took. I realized that I had gotten the best, most efficient workout I had had in YEARS. I was getting cardio + weight lifting, and most importantly, direction in one hour and for far less than the cost of regular personal training.

Don't get me wrong, personal training is wonderful, but it's pricey, so while it's a worthwhile investment, it's simply not economically achievable or sustainable for everyone. But with OTF, I'm in and out in one hour, sweating and burning more than I ever did on my own, and I never have to plan my own workouts. I just show up.

From that point on, I started going regularly (3-4+ times per week) up until COVID-19. Even during the lockdown period I would do their at-home exercises from the OTF YouTube Channel. And now I've resumed going regularly again.

When I first started going I had a goal of losing 10 pounds and gaining some lean muscle -- nothing crazy, but a challenge nonetheless that wasn't getting accomplished before joining. Between consistent visits and a healthy diet, I lost the weight and gained the muscle tone I was looking for in just a couple months, and have been maintaining ever since -- even adding in some strength building. Not to brag, but I have impeccable blood pressure and I definitely eat too much salt, so I'm pretty sure it's because I sweat so much at OTF 😂. Is that how science works?

They didn't ask me to write this, I just felt compelled to do so because we really are excited to be partnering up with another local Arlington business committed to health and wellness in what is, after all, the fittest city in America!

P.S. for those of you not familiar with the OTF term "Splat Points," the points indicate minutes spent in the Orange and Red zones, which are heart rate level ranges. Check out their comprehensive explainer of their heart rate-based high-intensity interval training from their own blog.


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